Friday, November 14, 2008

Bicycle Touring The World

Have you ever just wanted "to go"? To finally see the world for
yourself, and under your own power at that. There is no better way than by bicycle. You travel fast enough to get "there" and slow enough to see everything in between. Each day brings new adventure. Oh, you have a plan. You know you'll be in Croatia next week, then Italy after a ferry boat ride across the Adriatic Sea, followed by a few weeks in French mountains, then a loop into Northern Spain's Basque Country. But what you don't know is that you'll soon camp on an idyllic Croatian beach, or that you'll share lunch with a fascinating stranger (now a new friend) at a Tuscany deli, or tent behind a centuries-old church in the prettiest of French villages, or stop for the night on a Swiss mountain precipice looking down on a picture-perfect village reflecting off a crystal lake, or be invited to have supper and spend the night with the German farmer's family... On and on it goes, day after day, adventure blended with wonder, spiced by the personalities of the people you meet. Have you ever just wanted "to go'? I have.

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