Monday, November 10, 2008

June 24 - London England - Holland Park YHA

While landing at Heathrow Airport(bottom pic), on a very nice day at that, we flew over Windsor Castle at low altitude. First landmark siting accomplished. From the airport I took the Picadilly (light-rail/subway) to Earl's Court (where I took the middle pic of my first steps on the streets of London) and found my way over to the Holland Park Youth Hostel(top pic) where I spent the night. I am trying to learn the new currency, pounds & pence, and my head is on a swivel when I walk cause these folks drive on the wrong side of the road here. Or do we? Anyway, I begin cycling in about an hour, 7:30 or 8:00, Possibly to Canterbury. It should be an adventure navigating my way through and out of London.


  1. Careful looking the wrong way it can mess you up!!! Glad to hear you are doing well. Ha Wimbledon is one don't forget the famous strawberries.


  2. We sent you a note yesterday, but something did not work.

  3. We are very glad that you have only problem with pounds and traffic directions.Charlie started to ride bike on weekends, maybe he will be with you on the next trip. Stay safe,enjoy.
    Library Evening Staff

    ps Hope you have a great start to your trip. Be careful though the British women do things differently too! Keep pedaling and blog often. - Charlie

  4. Hi Mike,
    Milka is the only one with a gmail account. Just wanted to say hi and hope all is well, weather is cooperating, and wind is at your back.


  5. Hey! Good to hear from you! That would be strange seeing the cars on the "wrong side". I emailed you Tues and Wed - Did you receive them? It said message sent. I am going to try again to set up a gmail account. Today Mil V. and I picked up Nicky from Hawaii. He thinks PA is beautiful! Peace out - Carol