Sunday, October 26, 2008

July 1 Muide-sur-Loire to Buzancais 121K / 76 Miles

A very hot day. I put my lightweight hiking pants on in the afternoon to keep the sun from cooking me alive. I have a bandana tied to the back of my hemet to keep the sun off my neck. I have to carry 6 litres of water when I pull out of towns because the villages have no stores to buy any and you don't know if the public fountain will be potable. This morning I started at 7:00 and stopped by Chambord Castle (pics later, this library computer will not allow pics uploaded). The town of Montresor lived up to it's hype as one of the lovliest towns in France. It was a really hot 80K to get there and I was hoping for a good rest. I stopped where a cyclist was sitting on a bench taking a lunch break. We began conversing and turns out he, Tom, was a part of an English Over-70 Cycling Club!!! I spent 3 hours in Montresor and Tom introduced me to the Tourism Center where I should stop when entering towns. Usually those working at these speak English. And I was introduced to Fillets of Mackerel in Mustard sauce. I promptly hit the Superemarche and purchased 4 cans. I found out some information that alters my route. Turns out cyclists are not allowed to climb the Puy De Dome (one of the famous Tour De France climbs, last used in 1971 I believe) so I will arrive at the Gorges Du Dordogne a little sooner.

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