Monday, September 15, 2008

July 15 Argeles-Gazost to Luz-St. Sauveur - Cirque de Troumouse 76K

Today I moved my campsite 18K to Luz-St. Sauveur to position myself to do a couple climbs without my panniers. I realized cycling the 18K over to Luz that my legs were a little drained of power, but I decided to still do the ride out to the Cirque de Troumouse. I would save the climb up the Luz Ardiden until tomorrow. Wow, you know what happens when you assume something. I assumed the ride to Troumouse wasn't one of the BIG climbs. Well live and learn. How about 28K / 18 Miles of climbing with a 14% section and the last nearly 8K was a monster climb. Howbeit my legs were a little toasted. And half way up the final 8K I look back down a couple hairpins and spot my Campground neighbors from my 4 nights in Argeles, Rinehart & Olika, climbing up behind me. So I just had to accelerate because I knew Rinehart would want to catch me. Can you believe he left his wife behind to catch me? And he did with about 200 meters to go. That was fun. The picture looking down on the switchbacks has two riders in it. They are Rinehart and Olika. And yes, I need a haircut!!! And in case you were wondering about my outfits? It's about the function, not the fashion.

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  1. Hey Dad!!
    Thats so cool that you are right there with the tour de france. A dream come true! the pics are amazing. take it easy, save some energy for the other 10 countries you'll be peddlin' through!
    love ya