Saturday, October 18, 2008

July 4 Aubusson - Rest Day

This is my second stint in the Internet Cafe. Last visit my camera batteries went dead so I hoofed it back to the campground for replacements I've been lugging for 10 days. My day off has been good. It began at 7:30, I studied my French phrase book for awhile, then was trying to figure out my camera which Keith (& Rachel) helped me with. And I got photos of John and John & Chris. HEY! A shout out to Karl Tringese back at Greensburg Cyclery. I actually did maintenance on my bike last night and cleaned it. What about those apples? As I walked around Aubusson I took some random photos to give you a feel for the town. Click on any photo to see it enlarged. Aubusson is just right for a rest day on tour; not too big, not too small. The Church you see on the hill is Eglise Saint Croix. I walked in and instantly could have been translated into the 17th century. Photos of the inside I hope come out okay. Oh, by the way, there has been a siting of Inspector Couseau's automobile! The Pink Panther can't be far away!

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