Monday, October 6, 2008

July 9 Lavit to Auch 82 K

It was super hot today, I saw 35° C at 3:00 in the afternoon in Fleurance. Have I told you how everything here in France closes at 7:00. No kidding, and this really effects your day while touring because you can't pedal long into the evening (and heck, it doesn't get dark until after 10:00) and expect to go to the grocery store or restaurant or bike shop, etc, etc. It amazes me how different the social norm is here compared to back in the good old USA as pertains to relaxation and being constantly busy. Did I get that point across? If I don't get to a town by 12 Noon, forget it 99% of the time everything is closed untill 2:00. I took some photos to demonstrate, they'll be coming later. This internet cafe here in Argeles-Gazost won't cooperate with uploading photos. One sporting goods store bragged on it's sign that it was open from 7:30 to 7:30 NO INTERRUPTIONS. Sheetz wouldn't make it here because nobody is out and about after 7:00.

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