Monday, July 14, 2008

August 11 Barberino Val D/Esel to Florence / Firenze 43K

Italy-s roadsigns lack in detail. More later. It was up and down and quite a nice ride into such a big city. I realized my trip is a work of art and my plans a work of art in progress, pun intended. At 4.30 in the morning I catch the train to Trieste Italy, switching trains in Bologna and Venice. Only regional and inter/city trains take bikes. So you gotta make changes. Trieste is nery near the Slovenian border. Tomorrow night I plan to be in Koper Slovenia at a youth hostel.

P.S. Sorry about no photos. Again thwarted by a computer without the ability to upload photos. The hostel manager says they do not pay for the service. Whatever that means. As soon as I can I will upload photos.


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  2. Mike,
    I did not read your blog for two weeks, but I am impressed with your joy and comments.
    Good luck in the Old Country