Sunday, July 6, 2008

August 15 Rijeka Croatia Rest Day - Pilgrimage to the Monastery Tsart

Zero miles on the bike but I happened to be near Tsart, a kind of suburb of Rijeka, where there is a 700 year old Franciscan Monastery and a famous Roman Catholic Pilgrimage destination (Pope John Paul II himself came there a few years back). And since August 15th is a National Religious Holiday, The Assumption of Mary, I decided rather than to bike to take in this Croatian cultural and religious experience. Photos will becoming shortly I hope. (I dropped my camera the other day and hope to get it repaired tomorrow In Ljubljana. I am in Kočevje Slovenia today.) There were thousands of pilgrims at the monastery throughout the morning. Services were outdoors and there was one Mass after another. So people continually flowed in and out of the outdoor worship area, then they would slowly stroll through the church to pray in front of the shrines. It was quite interesting.

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