Saturday, June 28, 2008

August 19 Guče Selo CROATIA to Tišenpolj SLOVENIA 27 K / 17 Miles, Discovery of Paternal Family Tree

I leave the apartment in Guče Selo about 8:00 and cross into Slovenia hoping to find this Štaško Južnič at home in Fara. If not I am cycling to Ljubljana. Well, I was meant to discover my family tree. Štaško was home and we sat and he took notes and said to come back in 4 hours and he would have info. When I returned he had print outs of my grandmother and grandfather's descendants, all the way back to 1494. The book he wrote, The History Of Kostel, 1500 - 1900, is published in English by a company in Mechanicsburg PA. Štaško has gathered all the data from the records of all the churches and castles etc in Kostel. There is an amazing abundance of records going back 500 years. I sat with Štaško for 5 1/2 hours discussing the history of Kostel, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, the migrations of people groups, history of wars in the region etc.

I took Wayne Tuttle up on his invitation to stay at his house in the small village of Tišenpolj (Sleltered Field) half way back up the mountain.

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