Friday, July 18, 2008

August 9 Levanto to Viareggio 41K

Wow,what a day! Did I say I have had only 2 days of rain in 48 days. Blue skies again. Cycling through Cinque Terre turned out not be a good idea. Seeing Cinque Terre is a great idea. There are 5 seacoast villages snugged away in coves at the bottom of seaside mountains. From Levanto I climbed a steep 6K, then dropped a steep 4K to Monterosso al Mare, then climbed back out only to go up another steep 5K, ride along a ridge aways then drop 6K straight down to the sea, to Verzanno. The towns are a combination village/seaside resort with beaches, marinas, and bakeries. Did I say bakeries? On leaving Verzanno I spotted the train and decided that-s the best way to see Cinque Terre. So I got a ticket to Riamaggorie, the southernmost of the 5 towns. From there I trained to Viareggio.

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