Monday, August 25, 2008

July 23 Sant Llorence de Murony SPAIN to Olot SPAIN 122 K / 76 Miles Coll de Canes & Coll de Coubet

Beautiful blue skies greeted me again today contrasting with the dark green pines I would be cycling through all day long. I didn´t have the super big mountain passes today just a few 7 & 8 kilometer climbs that were very beautiful. Again it was wilderness with very few towns and very few people all day. I ended the day entering the "Natural de la Zona Volcania" and a simply unbelievable 15 kilometer / 9+ mile downhill into Olot. Upon arrival I stopped an older road cyclist on his beautiful Colnago to ask directions. Good fortune, he spoke English pretty good and helped me on my way. Then he preceeded to head up the mountain I had just rushed down at 8, 9, and 10%. He was probably 65 years old. I see it all the time. Older guys on expensive roadbikes out climbing the mountains.

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