Wednesday, August 6, 2008

july 31 Roquemaure

alive and well and mont Ventoux is in my view . more soon !!


  1. Un petit bonjour du mec de Roquemaure qui t'a aidé à laver ton linge, vraiment content de t'avoir rencontré continue de te faire plaisir !!

    A small hello from the guy from roquemaure who helped you to wash your clothes lol, nice to meet you keep going on to please you !!
    PS: yes i know my english is horrible ! see you

  2. hey dad! nice to know that you're alive and well. maybe you should take some extra days off, and just enjoy the beach on the coast. We miss you here in PA! hopefully i'll be meeting up with georgia and michelle while they're here. Oh yeah, i forgot, Jeremy and i bought a house!!!! more later...
    love ya