Thursday, August 7, 2008

July 31 Boissoron to Bedoin 135 K

Today was my "Roquemaure" day, my laundry day. Going through this town I spotted a laundrymat and my clothes needed a laundrymat. Smell the point??? But as I attempted to read the directions I couldn't figure it out so I flagged a young guy down out front and, VOILA, he spoke English really well. So he helped me do the laundry by reading the signs for me and also typed a blog post to let you all know "I was alive and well in Roquemaure". After cycling through France for 5 weeks I will never take a dryer for ??? This afternoon I met a Swiss cyclo-tourist named Nicole who is 2 weeks into her first ever bike tour and loving it. We road together for an hour (photo) until we went different ways. It was nice to have a good conversation in English. But don't these people who speak 4 or 5 laguages fluently tick you off : ) . And too I was buzzed by two fighter jets today. That was shocking, cause you don't hear them coming. They just appear.

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