Sunday, June 22, 2008

August 22 Kočevje SLOVENIA to Ljubljana SLOVENIA by Bus, Biked 20K / 12 Miles mostly around Ljubljana

Another incredible day of discovery. Many thanks to David Šušel for helping me discover the history of my ancestral home; the village of Gladloka, in the Municipality(Občina) of Kostel, in the south-central most region of Slovenia. We spent 2 1/2 hours researching. When it was time to leave for Ljubljana David told me I could take my bicycle on the bus to Ljubljana. It turns out that the road I was to cycle to Ljubljana was a very unsafe road for cycling. So I am glad I opted for the bus ride. Once in Ljubljana I purchased a train ticket for the next day from Ljubljana SLOVENIA to Villach AUSTRIA. I found my way to the Dic Youth Hostel and checked in. Then I cycled to what I thought was a Canon Camera Shop with a repair department. Turns out there is no repair person. I found the place closed, but knocked on the window hoping for a response. Voila, Špela Kališek (photo), account manager staying late to catch up on work let me in and informed me there is no repairman. But she made some phone calls and even checked the camera. The zoom lens would not retract, and it would just shut off a few seconds after turning it on. Well, as I was leaving, she asked if the camera had a certain function so I got the camera out again for her to check and when she looked at the camera it "got healed"!!! The camera just started working. In fact I took a bunch of photos as I biked around this very cool city of Ljubljana. The hostel I'm staying at, the Dič Hostel, is a giant 600 person capacity hostel which I believe had been a college dorm in the past. Free internet with the stay was so helpful. Oh, and I ate dinner at a Serbo-Croatian restaurant. A meat plate with a spiced up hamburger, sausage, and pork, and red peppers in olive oil and a loaf of bread(photo).

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