Tuesday, June 24, 2008

August 21 Tišenpolj SLOVENIA to Kočevje SLOVENIA 30 K / 19 Miles

I departed Wayne Tuttle's in Tišenpolj about 9:00 and planned to bike to Ljubljana with a stop at the land record office in Kočevje. Once in Kočevje I had a series of unbelievable divine appointments and will camp here so I can continue research of the land records of Gladloka Slovenia and learn the history of my grandfather's 245 acre farm since he left for America in 1900. I have a 9:00 appointment in the morning to be escorted through the record books by David Šušel who works in the land record department and speaks English. There is camping along the lake on the edge of town. Photos will be uploaded once my camera is repaired, hopefully in the next 2 days in Ljubljana.

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