Thursday, July 24, 2008

August 6 Le Rozier FRANCE to Torino ITALY 131 K

An exciting day for me, I made it to Italy. You could be here too. Ha! I biked 36 days in France, did alot of climbing, and wouldn't you know it, France had one more climb for me, the Col de L Chelle. A 2.7K climb that was really steep. Or maybe it just felt that way since I've cycled 12 straight days. 20K into the day I spotted the cement post (photos) that divides France and Italy. Then it was all downhill, literally. A very steep descent to my first Italian town, Bardonecchia. And then I just mostly rolled down through Susa, Rivoli (I got excited when I thought they named a town Ravioli), and into Torino. Torino, for being a big city was very easy to get into on a bicycle. In Rivoli I ducked under an awning to avoid a downpour and met two cyclists, Mario & Giorgio, who treated me to a Coca Cola after hearing about my tour. Much fun. Here in Torino I got the "Tour of The City" whether I wanted it or not as I searched for The Tourism Office and this great hostel. I will take a day or two off and blog and relax and plan the next section of my tour.

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