Tuesday, July 22, 2008

August 7 Torino ITALY Rest Day

Hopefully I'll get some photos on for all you guys soon. I spent the day walking/relaxing in this amazing city. And I don't say that about cities usually. One young Canadian said he's been all over Italy and Torino is his favorite city. He also said his favorite spot was Cinque Terre which I will be at the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow on Rest Day 2 I will be taking my bike for a train ride down to the Mediterranean Coast to the town of Levanto just north of Cinque Terre. Anyway, you just gotta see Torino someday for yourself. A city full of those European plazas. Really big spaces that are car-free zones, space for people to just mill around and bounce from one museum to the next and one restaurant to the next. And that reminds me. The food seems familiar here, the pizza resembles pizza.

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