Sunday, August 17, 2008

July 26 Girona Spain to St Cyprien-Plage France 126 K

Day No. 32 since I began cycling toward France and I'm heading there again. I will spend a big chunk of my tour on the roads of France and it has proven to be a cyclists dream. But that doesn't mean every part of France is a cyclists dream. I decided to bike to the coast today and see the Mediterranean Sea for the first time ever, which was cool, but cycling the coast meant what all coastlines mean to a biker, tourist traffic. Tons of cars who aren't local and they are just screaming around. I did enjoy seeing the beaches and the coastal hilltop towns. But sand can be a rear derailleurs worst enemy.I had a climb to the French border, the Col de Baynuls. Shortly before that climb I met Ed Duggan, a young English (Brighton area) cyclo-tourist and we had a great time swapping stories.

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