Saturday, August 9, 2008

July 30 Clermont L Herault to Boissoron 135 K

Who won the Tour De France? I'm in France and I haven't been able to follow the Tour. Back home I'd be glued to the tube watching the daily highlights and enjoying commentary by Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwin and even Bob Roll!!! My bike repair was complete and I was pulling away from the bike shop by 11:30. Today I had a French road cyclist come up alongside on a big climb and we ended up riding and talking for an hour to St Martin (???) where he continued on and I got me an ice cream bar. It was another extremely hot day. Oh, did I tell you, every day has been blue skies and bright sunshine and hot!!! This part of France reminds me of the Southwest USA. A mix of arid & semi-arid climate, even cactus here and there. Vineyards for days I've been passing. I also stopped for a walking tour of St Gilhem of the Desert, a very old town with a women's monastery. St Gilhem was Charlemagne's cousin, I believe, who walked away from his Nobility to answer the call to be a monk. The town is listed as a UNESCO sight.

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