Friday, June 6, 2008

August 30 Arrive Harwich England, Train to London, Cycle to St Paul's Hostel, Box up Bicycle for tomorrow's flight from Heathrow to JFK in NYC

The boat ride over from Holland to England was smooth. There were about 900 passengers, mostly people with cars or campers. The ship, Stena Line's "Britannica" is 252 meters long, a big ship that has restaurants, shopping, cinema, and trucker's lounge. No passengers are allowed on deck during the journey. Immediately upon arrival I loaded my bike and rode down the ramps of the ship and through customs to the nearby train platform where I caught the train to the Liverpool St Station in central London. From there I cycled just a couple K over to St Paul's Cathedral where I secured a room for the night at the nearby hostel. Tomorrow, August 31st I will fly from Heathrow Airport to JFK Airport in New York City. While checking my email at the hostel I learn that my daughter Faith has gone into labor a few weeks early. I had hoped to home in time for the big event.

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